Service is our standard not our goal

Total Service Supply (TSS) is a sales company whose primary focus is providing parts, equipment and supplies to petroleum and petroleum drilling companies, domestically and internationally.

A large inventory of tools, supplies, parts, lubricants, fittings and safety equipment is maintained at all warehouses and is tailored to meet each particular territory's customer requirements. TSS takes seriously the quality and safety issues of all items provided to our customers and is very selective about quality, certification and manufacturer.

All delivery of TSS products made with our company vehicles is without charge. As a service to our customers, we normally do not charge for pickup and delivery of customer owned material. "Service is our Standard Not our Goal."

Service anytime.	Day, night, rain or shine.

Total Service Supply, L.P. was founded in June of 1997 to provide parts, equipment, tools and general supplies to the petroleum and petroleum drilling industry. The owners have a combined petroleum industry supply management and manufacturing background of seventy-five years.

Total Service Supply was the result of a vision where service would be as important as the product being provided. A vision where the customers' requirements would be met and the product delivered at anytime, day or night at a reasonable cost and normally with no delivery charge.

Total Service Supply has grown continually since establishing its first store in New Iberia, La., opening additional locations in Louisiana, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma and Arkansas. This is mainly due to a desire to better serve our existing clients and to enable us to expand our customer base. Total Service Supply offers 24/7 sales and service, day or night. Let our experienced sales staff help you find the products you need at a reasonable price with fast and professional service.

  • Acco
    Chain, Chain Lifting Products,
    Clevis Grab Hooks
  • Alemite
    Lubrication Fittings & Equipment
  • Allen Hand Tools
    Line Of Industrial
  • American Coatings
    Paint & Industrial Coatings
  • American Lock
    Keyed & Combination Locks
  • Anchor
    Polyethylene Tarps - All Sizes
  • Badger Pumps
    Centrifugal Pumps & Parts
  • Band-It
    Banding, Clamps, & Accessories
  • Bernzomatic
    Brazing/Soldering Torches,
    Propane Cylinders
  • Bestolife
    Thread - Drilling Compounds &
  • Binks
    Paint Spraying Equipment
  • Blaster
    Penetratng Catalysts, Lubricants
  • Bosch
    Power Tools & Accessories
  • Boss Gloves
    Industrial & Oilfield Gloves
  • Caterpillar
    Filters & Elements
  • C. H. Hanson
    Metal Stamps & Stencils
  • Craftsman
    Quality Hand Tools
  • C. S. Osborne
    Punches & Packing Tools
  • Channellock
    Quality Hand Tools
  • Chicago Hardware
    Eyebolts, S Hooks, U-Bolts, Key
    Stock, Turnbuckles
  • Crosby Group
    Shackles, Turnbuckles & Lifting Accessories
  • Chip Brushes
    Paint Brushes-All Sizes/Qualities
  • Coleman Cable Systems
    Extension Cords, Trouble Lights
    Temporary Lighting
  • Crc
    Aerosol Chemicals
  • Devcon
    Repair Epoxy & Putty
  • Devilbiss
    Compressors, Air Tanks, Paint
  • Dewalt
    Quality Power Tools &
  • Dixon Valve & Coupling
    Hose Fittings, Menders, Clamps
  • Duracell
    Procell / Mallory Batteries &
  • Dykem / Dymon
    Layout Fluids, Paint Markers
    Aerosol Chemicals
  • Eklin Tools
    Hex Keys & Sets
  • Empire Level
    Leveling Tools & Squares
  • Fittings
    Malleable/Cast Iron/Forged
  • Frank Winne
    Cordage, Tapes & Industrial Ropes
  • Gartner Bender
    Cable Ties & Bundling Straps
  • Gleason
    Milwaukee Hand Trucks/
    Drum Dollies
  • Gojo
    Hand Cleaners & Dispensers
  • Greenlee
    Electrical/Mechanical Tools &
  • Hobart Welding Products
    Industrial Quality Welding Eqpt
  • Hubco
    Geological Sample Bags
  • Hudson Sprayers
    Pressure Sprayers
  • Humco
    Fuller's Earth
  • Igloo
    Water Carriers/Ice Chests,
    Storage Boxes
  • Ingersol Rand
    Air Tools & Accessories
  • Irwin Industrial
    Sets/Tapes/Dies/ Screw Extractors
  • Jackson Products
    Hard Hats/Welding Helmuts
  • JB Weld Welding Components, Tools
  • Jet Equipment & Tools
    Construction Tools
    Material Handling Equipment
  • Jet Lube
    Thread - Drilling Compounds & Sealants
  • Kennedy
    Tool Boxes /Chests/Cabinets
  • Kimberly-Clark
    Shop Towels/Utility Wipes/ Paper Products
  • Klein Tools
    Line of Electrician's Tools
    Nylon Slings/Cargo Tie-downs
  • Louisville Ladders
    Step/Combination/Extension Ladders
  • Lufkin
    Tape Measures and Boxes
  • Maglite
  • Marvel Mystery Oil
    Quality Lubricants
  • Magnolia Brush Complete Line of Deck & Scrub Brushes/Brooms
  • Master Appliance Heat Guns/Butane Micro-torches
  • Masterlock
    Padlocks/Combination Locks/Lockouts
  • Memphis Glove
    Work & Welding Gloves
  • Merit Abrasives
    Discs/Flap Wheels/Specialty Abrasives
  • Mission Products
    Fluid End & Pump Part Expendables, Washpipes & Packings
  • Msa
    Hard Hats & Safety Accessories
  • Mystic
    Greases & Lubricants
  • Markal
    Markers/Marker Sticks
  • National Tape
    Duct/Teflon/Barrier/Masking/ Packaging/Strapping Tape
  • Never-Seez
    Lubricating Compounds,Tape
  • Nov
    Lifting & Handling Tools, Spares
  • Parker-Racor
    Filters & Elements
  • Pelican Products
    Submersible Flashlights/ Headlamps
  • Plews
    Grease Fitting Tools/Grease Grease Guns/Oilers/Funnels
  • Polyken/Nashua Tapes
    Heavy Duty Duct Tapes
  • Precision Brand
    Hitch Pin Clip/Retaining Pins/ Metal Wedges
  • Presco Products
    Stakes/Marking Flags/Flagging
  • Procter & Gamble
    Cleaning Products
  • Proto
    Complete Line Of Industrial Hand Tools
  • Norton
    Abrasive Products
  • Rectorseal
    Pipe Thread Components Paint & Striping Equipment
  • Red Devil
    Putty Knives/Wall Scrapers
  • Relton Rapid Tap
    Cutting Fluids
  • Rigid Tools
    Complete Line Of Industrial Hand Tools
  • Rubbermaid
    Water Coolers/Ice Chests
  • Proto Tools
    Complete Line Of Industrial Hand Tools
  • Radiator Specialties
    Tar & Bug Remover/Gunk/Liquid Wrench
  • Seal Fast
    Hose Clamps & Fittings, Cam Lock Fittings
  • Simonds Files
    Files & Accessories
  • Skil/Bosch
    Power Tools And Accessories
  • Southwest Oilfield Products
    Fluid End & Pump Part Expendables, Washpipes & Packings
  • Spray-On Aerosol Chemicals/Lubricants
    Paint & Striping Equipment
  • Stanley Tools
    Hand Tools/Knives/Screwdrivers Tape Measures
  • Starrett, L.S.
    Precision Tools, Saw Blades Measuring Tapes
  • Strapbinder
    Binding & Clamping Tools Containers
  • Shaffer
    Come-Along Hand Power Winches Accessories
  • Shop-Vac
    Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Shurtape
    Masking/Duct/Strapping Tape
  • Union Tools
    Shovels, Spades, Scoops, Rakes Hoes, Etc.
  • Uvex
    Safety Spectacles & Goggles
  • Victor Welding Products
    Quality Industrial Welding Equipment
  • Wd-40
    Spray Lubricants And Penetrants
  • Werner Ladders
    Step/Combination/Extension Ladders
  • Tarp Straps
    Heavy Duty Molded Rubber Tarp Straps With Hooks
  • 3m Abrasives
    Abrasives & Accessories 3m Electrical
    Electrical Supplies, Tapes & Insulating Sprays
  • 3m Oh/Esd
    Respirators & Accessories
  • Valves
    Complete Line Of Ball, Check, Gate Globe & Butterfly Valves
  • Wilton
    Utility, Drill Press Vises Vise Accessories

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